Exercise for Health & Wellbeing

Starting October 2020, Matrix Cooling will be sponsoring bi-weekly fitness classes for all staff members. Staff are free to attend based on their individual timetables.  

These take place bi-weekly, allowing for employees to attend based on their timetable and are completely free-of-charge, and sponsored by Matrix Cooling.  

The intention is to encourage a well-rounded lifestyle, and provide the easy opportunity for staff members to get up and get moving, once a week and strengthen their cardiovascular health. Furthermore, there are additional talks on nutrition and health to promote individual awareness.  

Thus far, activities have been wide and varied, including indoor cardio supersets, outdoor rotating exercise stations, captain ball, and team game exercises.  

This is made possible due to additional work from the administrative department, in particular Norshida and Jennifer, for corresponding with the coaches weekly and organising this on behalf of the company.  Therefore, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for their hard work!

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