Case Studies

Case Study 4: Cooling Tower Upgrade

Up to 35% increase in cooling tower capacity!


As your production or thermal capacity increased, it is likely that your cooling tower may need to be upgraded in order to manage the higher output. Such a situation typically requires the installation of additional cooling towers, which at times may not be feasible due to costing and space constraints in the plant.

In these situations, Matrix Cooling is able to provide Cooling Tower upgrading services, upgrading your cooling tower up to 35% of their original capacity. Our services include a comprehensive engineering and thermal study, procurement of all the necessary equipment, construction and installation of the new equipment, as well as the commissioning and testing of the upgraded cooling tower. Ultimately minimising the expenses compared to building a new cooling tower.

For example: PCFK Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia, our team successfully upgraded the cooling tower to 35% of the original capacity, with the performance testing confirming the cooling tower is performing at 104% of the upgraded capacity.

Before: 100% Capacity

After: 135% Capacity