Our Services

Cooling Tower Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning & Construction (EPCC) 

Matrix Cooling is your one stop solution for the design and supply of a complete Cooling System. 



At Matrix Cooling, we utilise Hamon Thermal Europe’s proprietary software in drafting and preparing a customised cooling tower solution that is tailored to your required specifications.

This will include the basic thermal, structural, civil and foundational design. Our finalised design will be accurate, trustworthy and complies with the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) standards.  


We have established and maintained good working relationships with all our local and international vendors. Through these relationships, we are able to secure quality materials at a competitive pricing and help you lower costs where it counts.


We pride ourselves in ensuring smooth progressions during the assembly of the cooling tower. This involves effective planning and constant communication with our stakeholders during the concreting, piping, erection, electrical and instrumentation works as well as the supply of all auxilary equipment.


At the conclusion of the project, we will perform rigorous testing to ensure the cooling tower is functioning according to your requirements and we are also able to provide training upon request so you can optimise your cooling tower operation.