Case Studies

Case Study 3: Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Over the past 15 years, MATRIX has gained the experience and knowledge at most of the Cooling Towers across this region. As a specialist company in providing the full range of Cooling Tower services, we now wish to offer a Comprehensive Maintenance Service on all aspects of the cooling towers to our clients

The advantages of a such a comprehensive service will be that it would save substantial costs and time, with substantially less man-hours & overhead hours being spent managing each project for case by case quotations for individual jobs. Safety would also be enhanced, by having one dedicated company with specific specialists, workers and supervisors undertaking the works that they are qualified for.

We notice the high levels of stress for the one-off exercises and the management of Shutdowns and Turnarounds being made on a crisis management basis. And as the cooling towers are being looked after well, cooling tower performance or “equipment availability” will be kept in pristine condition and equipment performances will improve considerably due to less equipment down-time and the overall plant performances will also improve in tandem.

We have implemented the comprehensive maintenance in several plants including ExxonMobil, and it has shown up to 50% cost savings and has brought other benefits in terms of schedule and reliability.

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