Case Studies

Case Study 2: Reliability Improvement

Having a reliable cooling tower is essential in any production facilities in order to maintain a high output and preventing any emergency or unforeseen shutdowns. Old cooling towers running with discontinued (legacy) mechanical parts run a risk of unavailability of spares, or long lead time in case of any unforeseen failures.

Depending on the condition of the Cooling Tower and the equipment used, MATRIX is able to suggest and propose suitable replacement parts, which will mean better reliability and higher availability of the cooling tower. In addition to that, the newer parts will also reflect on a lower parts cost, which in the long run will cost much less than to continue running with the legacy equipment.

Referring to PGB Utilities plant, Kerteh, the cooling tower gearbox was a legacy model, which has high failure rate as the spare parts needs to be outsourced due to spares unavailability. The study of replacement to the new gearbox model was done by MATRIX and replaced recently, and it has proven to be running better without any reliability issue.

Matrix is also able to provide condition monitoring to foresee issue that might occur and propose some rectification before any major failure and prevent any emergency shutdown.

Fan Replacement

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