Our Services

With our expertise and experiences, Matrix Cooling can offer a complete range of services to undertake a cooling tower supply and installation on a EPC basis. Our services include but is not limited to:

Cooling Tower Upgrade & Revamp

As your plant output and process requirement increases, the thermal duty needs to be upgraded as well. Instead of a complete change-out of your existing cooling tower, Matrix Cooling can upgrade your cooling system in order to increase the heat duty of your existing Cooling Towers. Whatever your problems, concerns or issues, our trained staff can help to determine the root cause of your issues and offer redesign and replacement options to fit your financial and performance needs.

  • Following an in-depth technical analysis, an action plan will be defined.
  • We will as well analyse the economical feasibility of the intervention.
Service Included:

1. Components Replacement

Cladding Changeout

Infill Changeout

Drift Eliminator Changeout

Sprayer Changeout

2. Thermal Performance Enhancement

Before: 100% Capacity

After: 135% Capacity

3. Structure Upgrade from Timber to FRP

Before: Timber Structure Cooling Tower

After: FRP Structure Cooling Tower

4. Mechanical Refurbishment

Gearbox Refurbishment

Fan Blade Refurbishment