Our Products

Matrix Cooling is your one stop cooling solution provider and we provide cooling solutions for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The products we supply are categorized as follows:

Field-Erected Cooling Towers

Your worry-free customized solution

Matrix Cooling has designed and installed numerous Field-Erected Cooling Tower for industrial cooling needs, covering industries like refineries, downstream petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, oleochemical and fertilizer, and etc. Matrix Cooling always aim to provide the best economical solution for the whole lifetime of field-erected cooling systems.

Thanks to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, Field-Erected Cooling Towers ideally answers most cooling duties and plant requirements. With our access to our vast database and proprietary thermal software, our clients take full advantage of an accurate design and enjoy a product that is fine tuned and fills his requirements and budget.

Matrix Cooling build any size of Field-Erected Cooling Tower with different types of structures (FRP, Concrete and Timber) using various heat exchange media (from splash grids to high performance film). All system elements, beyond customer specific requirements guide our design: water quality, air environment (chemicals, dust, etc), noise and plume limitation, available plot area, local labour costs.

For all cooling towers, we clearly advise the impact on the environment such as performance, drift loss, noise level, etc. In order to help in the prevention of Noise, Legionella and etc, our cooling tower designs follow the best practices and allow cleaning and access to the internal parts of the tower.